New restyling for the Docg Valdobbiadene line, greater recognition and corporate identity in a single bottle.

Before modifying the label we studied a silhouette of greater importance but linear that identified the line of Prosecco Superiore, communicating more directly with the final consumer.

The capsules have been modified in the natural white color to recall the colors of Sui Nui, or the black silkscreen and glossy white, placing in relief the brand.

To maintain graphic continuity, we haven’t completely graphically revolutionized labels. The colorful line and the writings have been reinterpreted in a more modern and minimal. The bottom of the label has been left in black but to enhance the relief lettering, has been modified in a black silkscreen and less shiny, a lighter texture and particular giving more modernity to the bottle.

The final project gave rise to much more sober and friendly labels, to better address the international market for a young audience.