In collaboration with Consorzio di Tutela Prosecco Doc, Sui Nui Spumanti participated in the event “Tradition, culture and identity: the wine beyond the border” at the Hotel Punta Negra in Alghero.
The event turned out to be a container of ideas and experiences that amplifies the voice of the peasant culture linked to the land, but that chooses the path of the future, with strength, passion and determination.

The aim of the event was to involve innovation and local communication, stimulating knowledge of the quality of small and medium-sized companies that proudly believe in the potential of grapes and their land.
Tradition, culture and identity are the perfect words to describe a great wine: Prosecco.

This appointment in Alghero offered the opportunity to tell the farming Venetian identity, but that choose the path of future, communication and quality. Transfer the emotions making them live thousands of miles away, with the same passion and determination.

Compare yourself to grow!

The workshop promoted by Consorzio di Tutela Prosecco Doc and by Hotel Punta Negra, in collaboration with the local realities, was the opportunity to great commercial and marketing place, comparing two completely different thinking scenery.

Leading this trip, one of the most influential voices Stevie Kim, managing director of Vinitaly International. She takes a strong debate related to the perception of Italian wine abroad, what are the winning strategies to present themselves on international markets, which are the main common mistakes committed by Italian wineries, leaving room for curiosity and questions.

Following a meeting with eight journalists from wine industry and involvement of producers, in a 15 minutes tasting talk, during which the producer tells the story of his company and his wine.