The steep harvest ritual has just ended on the steep hills in the heart of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg and Doc production area!

The harvest of the grapes involved the Bressan family and the staff for about twenty days.

At first glance, it was certainly a positive year, characterized by a warm climate during daylight hours and a good temperature range during the night, thus allowing an increase in the organoleptic components in the grapes, healthy, qualitatively and quantitatively positive bunches.

The particular characteristic of the territory disposed on steep slopes, leads us necessarily to carry out the manual harvest, as it deals with maps difficult to access to the mechanical equipment, imposing long and laborious hours of work.

The harvest phase, the selection of the grapes and the first stages of fermentation are very delicate, since it is precisely from these phases that the success of the product depends. Then follow the phases of fermentation and winemaking of the grapes, by our trusted oenologist.

Our company philosophy is focused on good product quality, with constant monitoring and supervision at every step, thanks to careful and respectful processing of the environment and nature.

In every bottle of Prosecco Sui Nui we try to best enclose what characterizes the Valdobbiadene area: hard working, experience, harmony of aromas, minerality, flavor and softness.