Onav (National Organization of Wine Tasters) was founded in Asti in 1951 with the aim of making available a body of reliable tasters, prepared and capable of performing the delicate and challenging function of evaluating wine.

Prosit is the ONAV’s Permanent Online Guide to Italian Wines; highly selective, independent and objective; which gives users the opportunity to consult year after year, harvest after harvest, the history of a wine, a label and a company. For the realization of the guide the wines are tasted blindly by 70 Territorial Commissions compulsorily composed by ONAV Oenologists, expert ONAV tasters and ONAV tasters. There is also a second central committee, consisting of at least 6 members from different geographical areas of the country, which certifies the pre-selected wines.

One, two and three Prosit are the evaluation criteria of all the samples submitted to the tasting. Our Prosecco Extra Dry Valdobbiadene DOCG has received 2 Prosit (a score between 85 and 89 points).
Proud to be insert in the ONAV’s Permanent Online Guide with our Prosecco Extra Dry DOCG.

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We celebrate with a good glass of our Prosecco and to all of you … Prosit!