Few weeks ago, the Bressan family ended the harvest 2020. A particularly difficult year not only regard to our health and our particular situation in Italy and in the world about Covid-19, but also regard to our land and our job.

At first glance, the harvest 2020 has seen good forecasts and has confirmed overall positive.

Less yield per hectare but higher quality of grapes and growing production. The harvest 2020, for the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene UNESCO World Heritage, promised an exceptional quality of grapes but with modest quantities. The health crisis caused by Covid-19 has also particularly marked the financial and economic crisis of winegrowers, affecting the activity of farmers but with a pleasant final surprise.

The grape was very rich in sugar and we except an excellent quality Prosecco. The hot and relatively dry summer favored the ripening phase of grapes making the fruits well healthy ripe and rich in substances.

“When there is quality, there is no quantity and the other way around”

The pandemic cause by Covid-19 felt mainly because of the drop in sales to bars and restaurants, but we certainly hope for a good recovery starting from the rebirth of our vineyards.