A new project, new ambitions and new ideas. On the occasion of Vinitaly 2022 we decided to modify the labels of the Valdobbiadene DOCG line and to introduce a new product in the line, the Rive di Rolle.

We have studied a silhouette of greater recognizability and corporate identity, but linear that identifies the line of Prosecco Superiore, communicating more directly with the final consumer.
The authentic expression of the territory in which it was born.
The capsules have been modified in the natural white color to recall the colors of Sui Nui, namely silk-screen black and glossy white, placing the brand in relief. To maintain a graphic continuity, we have not completely revolutionized the labels graphically. In stylized line, the hills of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene were represented by continuous and dotted lines, in a lighter and more particular key, giving greater modernity to the bottle. The final project has given rise to much more sober and friendly labels, to better face the international market for a young audience.
In addition, we wanted to introduce a new product in our DOCG line: the Rive di Rolle in the extra brut version, therefore with a sugar content of 0-2 g / L, to also involve an audience that prefers a drier version of Prosecco.
The Rive represent a small parcel of steeply sloping vineyards, in which higher quality grapes are produced but above all in small quantities. The Rive are the expression of the will of the community to link to the peculiar conformation of an exceptional territory the different oenological combinations that can be obtained from the interactions between the specific pedoclimatic and macroclimatic characteristics.